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SuperPyroManiac Owner
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about 1 year ago

How to create shops!

We use a powerful chest shop plugin to make it easy!



  1. Place a single or double chest.
  2. Get the item you want to buy/sell in your hand.
  3. Sneak and punch the chest with the item.
  4. Once you stop sneaking a chat message should now help you create the shop!

Shop Types:

  • Sell: Sells items you put inside for the price you set.
  • Buy: Buys items you requested and puts them inside. Note: For buy shop to work, make sure you have your gold IN your inventory!
  • Combo: Buy and Sell at the same time.
  • Barter - Trade items.
  • Gamble - Admin shop to gamble for random items.


Other way to place a shop:

You may also just directly place a sign on a chest to create a shop! Here is examples:


Note: When you asks you the quantity to sell, you should always just set it as 1. That way people can buy/sell 1 item at a time, or an entire stack.

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