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UnknownBastion Member
UnknownBastion about 1 year ago
thats not what ur mom said last night
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We will look into the warning you got for the command. On my end, I see no rule break as no bad words were used. In regards to what you said about being afk near your farm, I reference the Minecraft Rules found here. It states that "No Cheating - This is defined as using mods or exploits to gain an unfair advantage". Utilizing water to bypass the afk kick is considered an exploit and violates the rules. Topic Closed.

Warned for no reason about 1 year ago

Honestly, this should be our trailer. Awesome job!

New Vid! TownCraft Is Back! about 1 year ago

If that is Minecraft-MP, it still needs to be properly set up along with a few others. Pyro will finish working on it when he gets home as well as what to do about rewards. Topic Closed.

Off Server vote bug about 1 year ago

Topic closed. Issue has been resolved.

Bank Bug Report about 1 year ago


First about 1 year ago